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Cultural events The traditional Lieto Week is held every August. It is a week of colourful summer events that the municipality organises all over the municipality together with local actors. ...

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Childcare and education
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School office Kirkkotie 13, 21421 Lieto Schools Lieto has several schools that provide basic education. Lieto has one upper secondary school. Leading head teacher, tel. +35...

Childcare and education
Social services for immigrants
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The social services office is located in Lieto municipal hall, 2nd floor. Address Kirkkotie 13, 21420 Lieto. The office is open: Mon–Fri at 9.00–15.00. The social services support the w...

Social services for immigrants
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Lieto Municipal Library                              ...

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Lieto College
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The office of Lieto College is in Lieto town centre. Address: Kirkkotie 11, 21420 Lieto Tel. +358 46 923 0688 The curriculum of Lieto College  (in finnish) Lieto College is an ...

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Location Lieto is in Southwest Finland, 14 kilometres from the city of Turku. Lieto consists of several population centres that offer local services to residents of different ages. The bi...

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A week full of cultural events around Lieto. Traditional Lieto week is held in every August. Week includes many different kind of events and most of them are open to everyone. Meaning of Lieto week i...

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Contact information
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Municipality of Lieto Address Kirkkotie 13 21420 LIETO telephone  +358 (0)2 4873 300 e-mail kirjaamo(a) fax +358 (0)2 4873 3453 Postal address ...

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