Social services for immigrants

The social services office is located in Lieto municipal hall, 2nd floor.
Address Kirkkotie 13, 21420 Lieto.

The office is open:
Mon–Fri at 9.00–15.00.

The social services support the well-being of the residents and help families get by independently.

Social services information tel. +358 50 524 3784
The information telephone is open Mon–Fri at 8.00–16.00.

Social services for immigrants are organised by the unit of general social services. The unit has a social worker in charge of immigrant reception and a regional instructor. The aim is to integrate immigrants and help them adapt to Finnish society together with other authorities and volunteer organisations, while helping them preserve their own cultural identity.

Integration of immigrants

An integration plan is prepared for each immigrant as needed. The integration plan is the immigrant’s personal plan containing the measures and services that promote and support the immigrant’s opportunities to gain sufficient language skills and other knowledge and skills that are needed in society. The integration plan promotes and supports the immigrant’s opportunities to participate in society. Every immigrant who moves into the municipality has the right to integration services.

Integration services include:

  • reception arrangements, housing matters, health examinations and initial orientation
  • guidance and counselling about everyday practices, how Finnish society works, language classes and other education and training
  • integration discussions and meetings with the social worker and regional instructor
  • information about social security, help with applying for welfare benefits and guidance to health services
  • support in different life situations and problems with adapting to the new cultural environment

Interpreting services

Immigrants have the right to use interpreting services in order to be understood when dealing with authorities and other parties involved in integration. Immigrants with a residence permit have the right to the same services as native Finns.