Information about Lieto


Lieto is in Southwest Finland, 14 kilometres from the city of Turku.

Lieto consists of several population centres that offer local services to residents of different ages. The biggest population centres are Liedon asema (Lieto station), Ilmarinen, Loukinainen, Littoinen and Tarvasjoki.


In 2015, Lieto had a little over 19,200 residents, and 21% of them were under 15 years old.

Recreational activities

The municipality and many organisations and sports clubs offer opportunities for sports, exercise and other recreational activities.


Lieto is considered to have been established in the year 1331 – the year when Lieto was first mentioned in historical documents. An important historical road, Hämeen Härkätie (Oxen Road of Tavastia) passes through Lieto, and the River Aura flows through Lieto. There are cultural sites along the river such as Nautelankoski, Vanhalinna and St Peter’s Church.

Lieto city