Employment services

Teollisuuskuja 2 A, 21421 Lieto

The employment services of the Municipality of Lieto offer residents of all ages personal support with choosing a career, searching for a job and finding employment. There are also outreach youth workers, who help young adults under the age of 29 to find the necessary services that support their gaining independence and access to education and the job market.

Services that support employment

Individual coaching for personal support

  • Persons under 29 years old, tel. +358 50 461 6459
  • Persons over 29 years old, tel. +358 50 373 4548

"Kickstart" coaching for 16-29 year olds
Lieto residents with no study place or job. The aim of "Kickstart" coaching is that, once the person can manage their daily life better, they are able to find a job or study place.

"Kickstart" coach, tel. +358 50 441 2897
Social workers, tel. +358 50 440 9884 or +358 50 439 9822

Work activities for the unemployed
are organised at Kisällikellari. The work activities also involve language training.

Healthcare for the unemployed
Public health nurse, tel. +358 50 597 9584

Work-related rehabilitation and assesment of ability to work
Service instructor, tel. +358 50 461 8588

More information about our services (in finnish): Työllistämispalvelut