Welcome to Lieto!

We welcome you to live, learn and experience new things in Lieto!

These pages contain information about the cultural, recreational and educational services as well as social and employment services for immigrants offered by the Municipality of Lieto.

When you have learned enough Finnish, you can find more information of the Municipality of Lieto on the Helppis website.

It provides information about different services for children, young people and families. Click the ‘Kysy neuvoa!’ button to ask for advice. We will reply on the following weekday. You can also ask for advice anonymously. However, you need to give an e-mail address so that we can send the answer to you.

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Municipality of Lieto - Liedon kunta, Kirkkotie 13, 21420 Lieto, PL 24, 21421 Lieto, +358 2 4873 300, kirjaamo(a)lieto.fi